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Council & Committee Descriptions

General Standards for all Committees
Any WDC member of a committee who has a fiduciary interest in the work of the committee or the decision making process shall refrain from voting on such a committee.  Individual committees may choose to operate by bylaws, or by informal rules recorded for reference. Committees will operate by majority decision, with a quorum being over one third of the members who are able to vote on a decision being present at a meeting. Each committee will have a WDC liaison and/or Chair that will represent their committee on the EC and on the full WDC Board. Committees may adopt absentee rules around membership. New members may be added at any time. Members may be from within the WDC Board or from community agencies of businesses with related interest or expertise to offer. The Chair of each committee is selected by the WDC Board Chair. Committee membership is done as a recommendation by the Committee Chair to the EC.

The Workforce Development Council (Board)
The WDC acts as the Board of Directors for the nonprofit entity of the Workforce Development Council Snohomish County. The full membership is aligned with the requirement in the Workforce Investment Act for entities governing local use of WIA funding and overseeing one stop services within a Workforce Development Area. The WDC decision making processes are outlined within their bylaws. The Board has final approval for major policy approval, annual budget approval, certification of Centers and affiliates and annual strategic plans. The Chair of the Board selects the chairs of each WDC committee, which are then confirmed by the Executive Committee.
Meeting Dates: Normally the third Tuesday of every other month, 7:30am-9:00am (this meeting alternates with the Executive Committee Meeting). 
Chairperson: Jeffry Tomson
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Executive Committee (EC)
The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the WDC in all matters for which prompt action is necessary, except where final action is limited to the full council by the Bylaws. The EC approves operational policies, including short-term and long-term work plans for the WDC. The EC adopts operational policies (different than major policy decisions, or program specific policies), example - deciding the model of service delivery is a major policy decision, approving a procurement policy is an operational policy and determining an Individual Training Plan policy is a programmatic policy.

The EC reviews the work from committees prior to recommendation to the full Board. While the EC may choose to take any decision to the full Board, it is empowered to make decisions on items such as :

Meeting Dates: Normally the third Tuesday of every other month, 7:30am-9:00am (this meeting alternates with the Board Meeting).
Chairperson: Jeffry Tomson
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Personnel Committee
The Personnel Committee provides direction and oversight to the development of WDC personnel policies, and internal personnel procedures. Additionally, whenever needed, convenes a search committee and interviewing team for the selection of a new WDC President.
Meeting Dates: Dates to be announced
Chairperson: Linda Armstrong
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Finance Committee
The Finance Committee assists the Secretary/Treasurer in monitoring the financial health of the corporation and ensuring the protection of the Local Elected Official in the WDC's fiduciary role under the County/Council Operations Agreement. Duties may include: working with staff to develop and recommend the WDC annual b udget, monitoring fiscal reports and audits, managing the assets of the corporation and managing fundraising.
Meeting Dates:  Monthly, third Friday of the month - 3:30pm-5:00pm.
Chairperson: Dave McCrea
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Service Delivery Committee
The Service Delivery Committee provides oversight of the Workforce Development Council's Workforce Investment Act investments. This includes ensuring that Workforce Investment Act activities align with the Council's Strategic Plan. Duties may include reviewing and recommending plan amendments, holding public hearings, identifying workforce issues, tracing and evaluating performance of service providers and system partners, reviewing the MOU and Resource Sharing Agreements, focusing on continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction. Additionally, they have responsibility for working with staff to establish standards and criteria for evaluating program performance of the entire one stop system, and may direct staff in matters involving corrective action or amending contracts.
Meeting Dates
Chairperson:  Cheryl Telford
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Youth Council
The Youth Council makes recommendations to the WDC regarding the annual youth plan, expenditures, and performance goals for WDC youth programs. The Youth Council may authorize RFP's, review proposals and make funding recommendations, recommend policy regarding youth issues, advocate on behalf of youth issues, and establish funding priorities. The Youth Council provides a vehicle for area young people to have a voice in advising WDC about appropriate and desired services.
Meetings Dates:  TBD
Chairperson: Tim Julius
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