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WDCSC Board Members By Representation

51% of the local Board is comprised of representatives of the local business community. Also represented are labor, education (both higher education and the K-12 system), community based organizations, economic development agencies, State government agencies and other organizations as determined appropriate by the County Executive and the Council.

Board Member Job Description and Expectations

Title: Member, Board of Directors, Workforce Development Council Snohomish County

Responsible to: Chairperson and Board of Directors

Responsible for: The Snohomish County WorkSource system: a comprehensive employment and training system.

Expectations: Take a leadership role in forging a strong and vital partnership between business and the workforce development community, resulting in an entrepreneurial, market-driven, accountable and exceptional workforce investment system.

Contribute specific expertise from key industries, articulating evolving industry needs, critical to aligning our workforce with the jobs of the 21 st Century.

Establish and promote workforce development policies that improve the social and economic life of the community.

Forge collaboration among business, local elected officials, government, and community groups to work with joint accountability on creating greater economic health for the community and its citizens.

Create and provide oversight of a five year strategic plan.

Promote the Council and workforce initiatives through collaboration and relationship building with other businesses, organizations, and groups.

Participate in Board meetings, including an annual retreat.

Participate in at least one Board Committee.


Board Meetings: Full board meetings are generally every other month from 7:30am - 9am, on the third Tuesdays of the month.

Committee Meetings: WDCSC Committees consist of the Executive Committee, Personnel Committee, Service Delivery Committee, Finance Committee and Youth Council.

How will the Board be organized?
The WDCSC will be supported by a staff. This staff will consist of a President/CEO and an appropriate number of staff positions to support the work of the Council. Staffing levels will be determined by the WDCSC.  Since this will be a relatively large Board, much of the actual work of the Council will be done by a series of smaller sub-committees. Each sub-committee will be developed by the Council and supported by Council staff.

Sub-committees currently operating include:

How much time will Board members need to commit each month?
Board members will be expected to attend monthly Board meetings. These meetings are generally scheduled for the first two hours of the work day. Each Board member will also be expected to serve on a sub-committee. These meetings are usually monthly but may meet more frequently depending on the urgency of the specific task or matter at hand. There will be briefing materials which Board members will be required to review and be familiar with for participation in committee discussions. Board members may request information from the staff in preparation for meetings or other Board related activites or to familiarize themselves with any aspect of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) legislation or the overall workforce development system.

By-Laws of the WDCSC can be downloaded here.