Directory of WDCSC Staff Members

Last Name First Name Department Job Title Phone Email Description
Ambler  Sue President/CEO President/CEO 425.921.3477 Sue works with various state and local government organizations and community stakeholders to develop and execute strategies for the delivery of workforce training, programs and opportunities. She works with the WDCSC Board to develop and implement the Strategic Plan that outlines the WDCSC’s vision, mission, goals and strategies.
Brown Stephen Information Technology Applications Systems Analyst 425.921.3406 Stephen administrates technology at the WDC and in resource room’s at various locations in the County. He develops and maintains custom based applications that provide WorkSource a relevant and efficient means to assist students, job candidates and employers.
Choy Michael Chief Operations Officer Chief Operations Officer 425.921.3411 Michael is the COO and is in charge of the daily operations of the WDCSC.
Villars Heather Communications Director of Communications 425.921.3439 Heather designs and implements all of the internal and external communications for WDCSC staff, Board and the community. These include the website, community relations, public relations, publicity and media outreach. She serves as the public mouthpiece of the Board, President and organization.
Persell Amy Service Delivery Director of Service Delivery 425.921.3487 Amy oversees the overall administration and coordination of the WorkSource system and all WorkForce Investment Act funded programs in Snohomish County.  She coordinates the certification of all WorkSource sites through the associated Board committee and prepares, administers and regulates the procedures and policies of the WorkSource system so that they align with the strategic plans for workforce development in Snohomish County. Amy is the staff contact for the Service Delivery committee whose Board members ensure that the activities within WorkSource and the Workforce Investment Act  are led in the spirit of the strategic plan and legislative intent.
Heijster  Julie Service Delivery Program Manager 425.921.3401 Julie manages Workforce Development Council Snohomish County's Washington State Energy Sector Partnership grant and Workforce Investment Act In-School-Youth programs. She is responsible for program development, implementation and oversight. Her duties also include overseeing the certification of Snohomish County WorkSource sites.
Simmons Kurt Professional Services Director of Professional Services 425.921.3458 Kurt provides adult learners the individual program advising and tracking needed to negotiate between instructional programs, supplemental instructional services, academic advisors, student services, and community resources to meet individual needs.  He also works closely with community college staff and Workforce Investment Act contractors to conduct outreach, recruitment, interviewing, and orientation for students. Part of Kurt's responsibilities also include assisting in employment placement for students finishing the program.
Terhar Trisha Service Delivery Service Delivery Manager 425.921.3432 Trisha coordinates Workforce Investment Act and other grant funded programs administered by the Workforce Development Council Snohomish Couny. Her work includes contract management, site certification, program integrity and related services.
Brown Samantha Strategic Initiatives Program Manager 425.921.3402 Samantha compiles research, analyzes labor market and related information, and develops metrics and reports to advance the vision, mission, and strategies of WDCSC. She also helps develop career management projects such as Snohomish County Blueprint and Career Trees and community programs such as Investing in Families. She enjoys getting to know community partners, understanding their goals and needs, and providing information to help their organizations transform data and information into powerful tools for decision making and strategic planning.
Takahashi Curtis Service Delivery Program Manager 425.921.3435 Curtis establishes, builds and maintains relationships throughout Snohomish County that are essential to the WDCSC vision, mission and strategic plan. He cultivates initiatives aligned with the K-12 system to help develop the next generation of the workforce. He develops career management products, such as Career Trees, to promote job training and education for youth, adult and dislocated workers.
Titus Vance Service Delivery Special Project Coordinator 425.921.3467 N/A
Monroe Erin Finance Director of Finance & Business Services 425.921.3442 Erin oversees all financial obligations of the WDC, including preparation of financial reports, review of grant and contract compliance, and internal auditing. She is also responsible for developing and updating the agency fiscal administration policies and procedures manual, and for the overall management and operations of the accounting unit.
Syria Matt Finance Accountant 425.921.3457 Matt maintains agency accounting records including payroll functions, invoicing, journal entries, etc.
Little  Debbie Human Resources and Administration Director of Human Resources 425.921.3488  Debbie oversees the administrative and human resources duties of WDCSC, develops and administers policies and procedures that align with the WDCSC's strategic goals, and serves as the Equal Opportunity Officer liaison between staff and the State.
Frodema  Jon Professional Services Program Navigator 425.921.3460

Jon works on the CATCH and HECO grants, which offer access to the Allied Health Care professions via local Community Colleges and serve the unemployed, under-employed and low-income residents of Snohomish County.  Working with Community College staff and a wide-range of community partners, Jon recruits new students, provides assessment and guidance through the intake process, and works with students throughout the tenure of their academic program to ensure student success and retention, ultimately assisting students as they transition into meaningful employment or continue along the education pathway to earn advanced degrees in the Health Care field.

Nikolic Sladjana Professional Services Program Navigator 425.921.3461

Sladjana works on the CATCH and HECO grants targeting health care pathways for low income adults, the unemployed, ESL, and Veterans in Snohomish County.  She provides support for adult students at several Community Colleges to ensure high retention and satisfaction rates.  Partial responsibility is directed towards organization and facilitation of peer activities, as well as professional support for networking and peer groups that are educated in-person and online.  Together with Community College staff, Sladjana performs student outreach, recruitment, assessment, interviewing, and orientation.

Garcia Paul Service Delivery Program Manager 425.921.3491 Paul is the Program Manager who oversees the adult programs including Adult and Dislocated Worker Workforce Investment Act, Out of School Youth Workforce Investment Act and Rapid Response.  He is responsible for the program development, implementation, oversight of Snohomish County Workforce Investment Act.
Cassidy Cameron Professional Services Employment Navigator 425.921.3415 N/A
Gordon Elizabeth Professional Services Professional Services Manager 425.921.3465 Elizabeth works on various grant funded projects serving a wide range of populations. Typical projects range in length from one to five years. Examples of these projects could include working on a college campus providing recruitment, retention and employment services to aerospace training programs or working at a WorkSource Center developing a county wide training program geared toward improving employment and training services provided to individuals with disabilities
Mapanoo Lourdes Human Resources and Administration Data Entry Coordinator 425.921.3409 N/A
Hart-Carlson Susan Finance Accounting Specialist 425.921.3475 N/A
Browning Barbara Information Technology MIS Analyst 425.921.3485 N/A
Noh Jinhee Strategic Initiatives Americorps VISTA Member 425.921.3445 N/A
Heinz Lisa Strategic Initiatives Americorps VISTA Member 425.921.3447 N/A
Farrell Meagan Strategic Initiatives Project Coordinator 425.921.3414 N/A
Hansen Robin Strategic Initiatives Development and Outreach Specialist 425.921.3426 N/A
Reith Cheryl Professional Services Americorps Member 425.921.3449 N/A
Eberly Stacey Service Delivery Youthbuild Coordinator 425.921.3495 N/A
Burt Becca Professional Services Program Navigator 425.921.3466 N/A
Schapiro Jared Professional Services Education and Employment Navigator 425.921.3469 N/A
Wahl Mary Professional Services Education and Employment Navigator 425.921.3464 N/A