Strategic Initiatives


In its 2007-2009 Strategic Plan, Workforce Development Council Snohomish County (WDCSC) outlined four strategic goals:

  1. A Snohomish County workforce development system that is 100% globally competitive,

  2. able to meet industry needs by filling 100% of jobs with qualified candidates,

  3. able to help 100% of job candidates obtain and retain employment, and

  4. able to help 100% of businesses and job candidates to continuously enhance their productivity and prosperity.

These stretch goals require the forward-thinking and innovation, as well as the strategic partnerships across business, industry, government, education, labor, and economic development leaders, for which the Council is known.

Using these four strategies as a guide, WDCSC leads and partners with other organizations on a number of Strategic Initiatives.  Find out more about these initiatives, including AmeriCorps, industry skills panels, Career Trees, the Blueprint, and the TRIAD II grant, by clicking on the sub links found on the left-hand menu bar.