Rapid Response
For Employers
The Rapid Response team offers services, depending on your need, upon hearing about a layoff or potential layoff from a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN), public announcement, media story, or word-of-mouth. Since your situation may not be public information at the time of the contact, all details will be treated as proprietary information until the situation is made public. Only the Rapid Response team will be privy to your details.

In the event of cross-county lay-off, Rapid Response partners from affected counties will meet and create a joint plan.

Customized Services You will be able to choose from several Rapid Response services. No two Rapid Response plans are the same. A customized plan for Rapid Response services, along with associated forms and documents, will be provided for your employees who are to be unemployed. Services may include:

On-site in-plant orientation to WorkSource Snohomish County services
Job fairs
Customized workshops
Materials for unemployment insurance benefit information
Information about potential jobs leads in the community
Retraining and skills upgrade information
Job search and placement assistance
Information about access to community resources (2-1-1)
Information about Trade Adjustment Assistance and other programs (where applicable)

Quality Program PrinciplesThe Rapid Response team provides quality services to your business by:

Actively providing businesses with customized services
Taking action sooner rather than later
Providing services on-site
Providing consistent, accurate, and timely information
Allowing for customer choice
Forming partnerships
Leveraging resources

Contact Teri Horton
WorkSource Snohomish County
Rapid Response Manager