Rapid Response
For Unemployed Workers

If you have been or are about to be laid off, there are services to help you find work and enroll in education and training. These services are delivered to you free of charge. Services are provided on-site at your business or plant, or from a WorkSource Snohomish County case manager.

If you work at a business or plant and receive notification that you are about to be laid-off, the Rapid Response team will likely provide an onsite Rapid Response presentation to you and your affected co-workers. The presentation will include the details and resources you need to find work or enroll in education and training. The team will do its best to provide all associated forms and documents you need to take your next steps.

If you are not part of a business or plant that received advanced warning about a lay-off, you can still receive free services from a WorkSource case manager. You can receive help at any time, even if you think it's too late. Please pick up the phone and call a WorkSource Snohomish County case manager for assistance.

Unemployment Insurance Unemployment insurance is paid for by the employer for the employee. The money is not taken out of your salary. You cannot apply for unemployment insurance until you have been laid-off, and you must apply online or call 1-800-318-6022.

Apply for unemployment insurance as soon as you have been laid off. It takes at least one week to process your claim information and up to two more weeks for you to start receiving benefits. You will not receive benefits for weeks you spent waiting to apply - so don't delay!

The amount of unemployment insurance you receive will depend on your individual earnings. The minimum you will receive is $129. The average person will receive up to 26 weeks of benefits.

You will need the following to apply for unemployment insurance:

Social security number
Name and address of your most recent employer
Date you last worked for you most recent employer
Names and addresses of all employers during the last two years
Dates you worked for all other employers during the last two years
Name and local number of your union, if applicable
If in the military during the last two years, your DD214

Visit the Washington Unemployment Benefits website for everything you need to know about unemployment insurance.

Do You Need to go Back to Work Immediately?If your answer is yes, head to a WorkSource Snohomish County center. WorkSource Snohomish County provides free resources to help you look for a job. Through WorkSource Snohomish County you can take resume and interviewing workshops, and take assessments to determine your top skills and abilities. WorkSource Snohomish County centers have binders full of job postings, or you can visit go2worksource to find jobs postings from around the state of Washington.

At WorkSource Snohomish County, you can also enroll in a program called the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Upon qualification for WIA, you will receive even more intensive services such as one-on-one resume and interviewing assistance and job referrals. You may also qualify for support services such as gas cards or bus passes to support your job search.

If you plan to apply for WIA, bring a photo ID and social security card. If you don't have these then bring a passport. If you are not a citizen of the United States, you must also provide proof that you are eligible to work in the United States.

Do You Have the Skills Necessary to Find Another Job Quickly?If your answer is no, head to a WorkSource Snohomish County center. WorkSource Snohomish County provides free resources to help you enroll in education and training programs. All of the state community and technical colleges have worker training programs that provide funding to dislocated workers for retraining or skills upgrade. Click here to locate a college near you.

Do You Need Other Help?If your answer is yes, please visit Help for Hard Times, a survival guide to unemployment. The website has information to help get you through this difficult time.