Youth Goals and Objectives

Youth Goal Statement for 2002 - 2003

The goal of the Workforce Development Council for younger youth (14 - 18 yrs) is to increase employability by providing youth with leadership, skill attainment/development and education opportunities that will result in youth obtaining credentials and experiences to steer their career and life choices.

Objective 1 - Increase community infrastructure by designing and maintaining a continuum of support for youth with barriers to self sufficiency by funding programs that have the greatest effect in addressing youth needs.



Deliverables/Due Dates


WDC shall fund programs that meet youth assessed needs

Minimum of 2 programs by May 2002


WDC shall implement bylaws for the Youth Council and recertify member status

December 2002


WDC shall analyze needs information to determine ongoing gaps in the current system

February 2003


WDC shall certify high school career centers as WorkSource Affiliates

A minimum of 4 sites by December 2002


WDC shall establish a certified targeted affiliate youth center that will meet the needs of youth by connecting them to resources both in the center and in the community

December 2002


Youth Council shall participate in funding development on an ongoing basis

Apply for a minimum of 3 funding grants by 6/30/03.


Youth Council shall advocate for the needs of youth in Snohomish County both locally and in legislation

Ask Youth Council members to sit on other youth committees/organization boards. Minimum of 1meeting with other organization concerned with children's issues by 4/30/03 to identify common objectives and share identified gaps in advocacy.

Objective 2 - Improve usage of community infrastructure by expanding linkages between youth, employers and educators in order to enhance awareness of resources, and increase access and usage of those resources


Deliverables/Due Dates


WDC shall develop an informational clearinghouse regarding services to youth in Snohomish County

Add Teen Yellow Pages to Website by 12/31/02


WDC shall train career counselors in the Jr. High/ High Schools on WorkSource/SWI online resources

A minimum of 4 Career Spec/Counselor or other interested educators trained by 12/31/02. Produce a best practices paper by 3/31/03.


Youth Council shall continue to map out resources and recommend improvements to the youth system to increase access & usage of those resources

Analysis of Strategic Plan objectives and make revisions, if necessary, for next year by 3/31/03


WDC shall develop year-round work-based learning opportunities for at risk youth via an internet based sharing program which includes: employment, internships, job shadows etc.

300 opportunities by 4/30/03


WDC shall invite career specialists/counselors and other interested educators to Labor Market and/or other employability related information presentations on In-Service days

1 presentation by 6/30/03


WDC shall develop and produce coordinated marketing efforts promoting work based learning opportunities for youth for local use and customization

1 website, 2 newsletters, 10 internet newsletters (Youthflash), 2 links on WorkSource websites to "Connections" database by 6/30/03.